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About Me

My Background

I am a self taught artist, although I achieved an A Level in art at the age of 16, I never pursued my passion until I was in my 50's. I have always been a creative person and have had great interest in home decor, interior design and jewellery making. I have now found my true love creating works of art with mixed mediums.

My Medium

I use a variety of materials, whether it be metals, stones, vintage jewellery, Swarovski crystals, glass or gold leaf paint. I don't set any boundaries when it comes to choosing my mediums. 

All my pieces of work are unique, there will never be two of a kind. The sizes of my work range from 68cm by 88cm, medium ones 78cm by 78cm, large ones range from 81 by 138cm. Prices of my work range from £5,000 for price enquiries you can contact me via the telephone number provided. All my work is authenticated and signed with a certificate.

My Inspiration

My work is inspired by the strong people I've encountered with throughout my life, both male and female. Each piece represents a strong individual who has made an impact on my life. I take inspiration from the journeys I've been on and the countries I've visited. I’m highly influenced by certain materials and what they represent and the energy that they can bring, whether it be precious stones, crystals, metals and or even feathers. 

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